Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Dunk Tank Wet Clothes Dunk Tank Fundraiser!? HELP!?

Dunk Tank Fundraiser!? HELP!? - dunk tank wet clothes

County Fair starts this weekend and my team with a temperament fundraising dunk tank, where people pay to try to throw a ball to a button that would take us to send into the water ... is a plunge pool. lol.

What should I bring? I thought a T-shirt and shorts might soffee? Or not? Should I wear a bathing suit? Or not? I do not like wet clothes I had my clothes just before the entrance to the plunge pool and wet bathing suit shall I wear? Or not? Well, then I can not, after leaving all my clothes are still wet. UGH! What should I do? I do not know what to do, and where appropriate, comfortable, not super hot? The weather should be no problem to say that there will be 93 for a high on Sunday (if it is, is BTW). Oh, I'm 13th Thank you.

PS: I tried to ask my friends, but have not yet decided to use what to do. Thank you!

And if for some reason ur asking me why I'm not at school .... Well, as of 9-8-09. Bye!

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Nisha said...

In thinking u should wear a T-shirt with shorts and bathing suit under clothing soffee UR UR UR .. Remove (the shirt, U have ur bathing suit top) and then .. UR ready and bring a bag with shorts and a towel, brush u can change watever so if are short, moist used because ur ur going 2 (of course) .. U could just Swimsuit UR .. Girls my age who are not all the time (in almost14) to skool R and its carnival .. completely, but think it would go, or a mini-pool with clothes on .....?? UR and if I agree with wat u dont say anything .. .. WEAT with a white shirt, if u dont have a bathing suit in u. .!!!!
Good luck!

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